To extend our Portfolio and to ensure the high Quality of our Services

We cooperate with a variety of international companies, institutions and experts to extend our portfolio and to ensure the high quality of our services.


Cobra is a pioneer of CRM from Konstanz, Germany. For over 25 years it has been a leading company in the German-speaking countries. More than 18,000 companies use Cobra's innovative solutions in customer management. With high flexibility, fast CRM implementation and intuitive, usable software, Cobra creates new standards for CRM projects in medium-sized businesses. Cobra is the third-largest independent software supplier in the world and develops customized business solutions for clients around the globe. The successful collaboration between HGS and Cobra has been  documented in a variety of joint projects. In particular, the results of our long-term cooperation can be seen in OEM solutions for the automotive industry in more than 33 countries.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V. (DGQ)

The DGQ is the center of competence for quality, business excellence and quality management in Germany. This umbrella organization has a unique network of experts. Quality professionals in Germany use the DGQ, with its almost 900 corporate members and nearly 6,000 individual members, above all as a platform for the  exchange of ideas and for further education.

Working in the Zone

Based on the question “what enables people in sport and business to do their best, and what prevents them?” Peter Creutzfeldt founded “Working in the Zone”. His 15 years of management experience have been reinforced by training and further education in the following: systemic coaching, hypno-systemic consulting, Mindfulness Practice, Inner Game, and personality tests such as FIRO-B and team roles according to Belbin. All this distinguishes him as a development professional, companion and coach to experienced top executives in high-performance organizations. In addition his interest in scientific research leads him to test the findings for practicality and incorporate them into his concepts.


The NeuroFit Academy engages in brain performance training through the application of modern psycho-physiological training and therapeutic methods. With feedback from their visible brain waves, participants will learn from Dr Axel Kowalski, among other things, to better manage their own thinking processes and to use their brain power potential in better and more effective ways. On top of that, NeuroFit also offers classic biofeedback therapy for physical relaxation and improved control of muscle activity in stress-related illnesses. The NeuroFit mission is to improve cognitive attentional performance and to relieve the symptoms of disease.

One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead brings science to life. Having strong roots in economics and cognitive neuroscience, Dr Karolien Notebaert forms the bridge between science and public understanding through behavioral guidelines. The brain is what we are. One Step Ahead brings people to a clear insight into why they and their organizations behave in a particular way. This new understanding will enrich the personal and professional life and bring out the highest potential in individuals and teams.

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