Instructional films, video protocols or animations

In training and coaching, video clips can be used in the form of classic instructional films, 3-D animations or short whiteboard animations, so-called explanatory films. Also a video camera for feedback purposes is often used.

Video: Neuroscience and Leadership

Understanding how the brain works provides us with the knowledge of what conditions need to exist for employees to be fully engaged. This is a necessary prerequisite for achieving a next higher level of performance. For organizations to successfully master the challenges of the future it is essential therefore to understand modern brain research. Consequently our approach for the development of leaders and employees is based on this knowledge.

Video: Personnel Assessment

HGS Concept supports companies in the selection of applicants and creates tailor-made training programs for employees. This ensures the optimal use of potentials, which is reflected in a better employee loyalty and can contribute decisively to the efficiency of a company.

Video: Optimization of parts service at car dealerships

Specific measures in the parts and accessories management are paying off by a good return. The team of HGS Concept provides expert advice, training and coaching for all tasks in the Parts Service.

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