HGS develops and carries out Tailor-made Concepts for Promotion and Events

Together with you we will develop and implement concepts which are tailor-made for your goals and needs in the areas of marketing, sales, promotion and events. With years of experience and a sense for innovative ideas, our consultants will develop marketing strategies with optimal cost-effectiveness and measurable results.

In addition, we have a pool of dedicated promotional staff available who, through training, will become very familiar with your brand and product world.

Example 1

Product Promotion

Sales professionals know two things above all: that the best client relationships begin with a smile, and that expert advice builds trust and strengthens the bond with your company. Your customers will feel that they are receiving the best advice from our friendly promoters. After a proper needs analysis our promoters will make contact at the optimum place – whether at your in-house function, out on the street, or at other events.

Example 2

POS Promotion

Action, suspense, emotion: Using diverse sales promotion cam- paigns our promoters will set the scene for your product at the point of sale. The potential customer will be caught up in their enthusiasm – an ideal basis for the subsequent sales-oriented conversation.

Example 3

Trade Fair and Event Promotion

Your trade fair appearances will not be forgotten; our charming and competent promoters will engage with visitors, ensuring a lively and friendly atmosphere. Your booth will be perfectly staged, an eye-catcher. Your brand will be remembered, your product connected to a positive memory.

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