Worldwide Implementation of CRM Systems and Development of E-Learning using Web-based Technologies

HGS regards technology as a means of supporting all of its professional activities. Over the years, we have introduced a series of supporting technologies such as Customer Relationship Management – CRM Tools for automotive dealers.

From now on, however, supporting technologies will play an increasingly major role in our organization. Macroeconomic trends such as

  • globalization
  • the creation of social and professional virtual networks
  • the spread of mobile devices
  • increased cost pressure
  • increased technological complexity

and many others have led us to rethink our approach and to offer additional solutions worldwide.

Together with our technological partners and customers, we will be introducing a series of supporting technologies that will revolutionize the way consulting, training and coaching are being provided in the automotive industry:

Applications development (Apps): For mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, we will provide applications that help sales and after-sales employees to better service their customers and improve their productivity. In addition, mobile devices will become supporting devices in HGS’s training and classroom environments.

E-learning, webinars and virtual classrooms using web-based technologies (WBT): Our global customers request global, and at the same time, regional or local programs to be implemented quickly with the highest quality and at a moderate cost. Current delivery formats always suffer in at least one way; either the price has to be higher or the quality and speed of delivery have to be lower. With HGS WBT, our customers will receive the best of both worlds.

HGS WBT will be introduced as an additional means of providing training and coaching within a “blended learning program”. Whilst web-based training is ideally suited to conveying factual content (eg. product knowledge),  one-to-one coaching sessions will continue to be offered in the tried and tested way.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our supporting technologies.

Example 1

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Knowing and Managing the Relationship with Your Customer is the Number One Key Success Factor in Marketing, Sales and Service Organizations

If you feel that more than three of the following statements apply to your organization, you may require an HGS CRM solution:

  • Customer satisfaction is decreasing and you do not know why
  • Customer loyalty is a requirement for the success of your company
  • Merging customer information takes too much time
  • You suspect that you are not tapping into the full potential of your customers
  • All staff members should have access to the same customer information
  • You also want to meet international customer requirements accurately
  • You do not want the entrepreneurial spirit of current dealerships to die

HGS CRM – from Strategy to Implementation

After joint development of the goals of the CRM system, the process is set up according to individual customer relationships and connections. However, software is needed in order to record a large amount of customer data and to aim at specific target groups. Since successfully customizing Cobra CRM PLUS for automotive sales organizations, HGS has implemented over 50 projects in 33 countries. Our solutions take into consideration the 5 core processes of CRM.

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