Seeking, qualifying, integrating, developing and retaining Personnel, incl. Interim Management

Your first contact with HGS Concept is with one of our experienced partners and/or project managers in order to discuss your expectations and requirements.

Depending on your needs:

  • HGS Concept will accompany you along the HR value chain, from seeking, qualifying, integrating, developing and retaining personnel, to outsourcing, interim management included.
  • HGS will perform market and gap analyses, audits and surveys, compare standards vis-à-vis internal or external market leaders and thus develop marketing, sales or service  and/or HR strategies aligned with your corporate strategy.
  • “Structure follows Strategy”, thus we will build, develop or align  effective organizational structures, and involve staff using state-of-the-art management (e.g. Balanced Scorecards), advanced leadership skills (e.g. Neuro Leadership) and supporting technologies (mobile devices) to implement them.

Depending on your actual requirements, we will design the right program for you.

Example 1

Organizational Effectiveness

Restructurization of Regional Sales Organization for an Automotive Supplier.

  1. Based on the company’s regional sales strategy, HGS performed gap and activity analyses of an automobile industry supplier. We were able to compare required versus existing skills, and required versus currently-performed activities in the sales organization. Result: Identification of all activities performed (and not performed), time spent and cost incurred.
  2. Based on these results HGS delivered a proposal for adjusting the organizational structure, including measures needed to close the gaps between the current and the required skillsets. This also led to new approaches for the design and implementation of assessment centers, training and coaching programs, as well as recommendations for outsourcing. Temporary bottlenecks were sorted out by HGS interim management.
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