We implement Strategies, achieve Compliance and develop Staff in an efficient and standardized Way

  • First: Questions such as “What kind of person are we looking for? What abilities and skills are required? How do we deal with individual strengths and weaknesses?” are answered and integrated into daily management.
  • Second: Teams are to be involved in decision-making and motivated using the “Maslow Theory of Needs”; the importance of emotion and communication in leadership should be emphasized; and individual goals should be met.
  • Third: Leading the team – Daniel Goleman’s 6 Styles of Leadership; Process Management as a road to success; Process Controlling (feedback, analyses and improvements); Goal-setting (SMART Theory); and MBTI inventory and problem-solving techniques (PDCA).

Example 1

Training allows for the implementation of new strategies, supports compliance and develops staff in a very efficient and standardized fashion.

Strategic orientation, organizational concepts and the required tools are only useful if they are put into action. Training helps to put concepts into practice and increases the competence of staff. We offer:

  • Specific sales, marketing and service training
  • Management and leadership training
  • Product training
  • (IT) user training including CRM
  • Team building
  • Event & trade show training,
  • Behavioral, communications, negotiation, risk management, project management and many other types of customized training.

HGS training sessions are offered in two different formats:

  1. The format you probably know best is face-to-face, on-site training in a classroom environment using a number of supporting instruments. These include overhead projectors to present interactive audio-visual elements; flip-charts for moderation; and Metaplan® boards for creativity sessions, all paired with a number of case studies, role playing and other soft-skill and hard-skill exercises. This format has been very successful over the last 20 years and we will continue to use it.
  2. HGS will introduce new training formats which use state-of-the-art  technology in the area of adult education and which require high-end skillsets from its trainers: e-training using webinars, virtual classrooms and e-learning platforms, all supported by electronic media and mobile devices. By introducing this new format, HGS is responding to its automotive customers' requirements for only using the very best trainers, faster time-to-market content delivery, and higher flexibility in delivering training anywhere and anytime. Last but not least, the use of this 'Blended Learning' model will save our customers up to 50% of current training delivery costs. For more information on our e-training, please contact us.

Leadership Training

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Peter Drucker

For HR-related training we offer an Executive Education Program to prepare managers for leadership in the 21st century.

Example 2

From Brain to Business: the key to transformation

This training has been developed for open-minded organizations and corporate leaders.

Since 2010 HGS has been working on utilizing the findings of brain research for managing people and organizations. This new approach is recommended for successfully leading people, change and innovation.

Why should you be interested in brain science? Organizations increasingly need to cope with continuous change in a dynamic, global and at the same time technologically-complex environment. Have you ever asked yourself why some organizations perform much better than others, independently of their capital structure? We'll discuss answers to this question in this seminar.

A better understanding of our brain unleashes potential that leads to better decisions, more creativity and ultimately better economic action.

The HGS Neuro Accelerator© adds value to companies in key strategic challenges, such as Transformation, Innovation or M&A

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